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by Raul Jimenez van Hoorn

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Hi! I create custom WordPress websites and visual assets that are just what my clients need to help them get further.


Strategy driven

Always starting from an understanding of the core “why” I help identify opportunities and suggest advantageous solutions.


Creative design

By letting the strategy drive creativity I design website features that are unique, memorable, and express the brand through both its looks and behaviour.


Tailored development

Addressing your specific needs, I develop websites and custom website features for WordPress which ensure control and flexibility.

Some of my projects


Logo Design
Visual Identity Design
Website Strategy
Website Design
Website Development
Custom WordPress Development
Branded Assets

To launch into the consumer research market Sapio Research sought my services to make a dashing brand and website that would stick out and appeal to the target audience.

Defining the strategy of the brand and the website, I created the logo, the visual identity, and the entire website from the ground up.

A comprehensive quote calculator was also created, and optimally linked with the client’s CRM to facilitate internal lead acquisition operations.

Website design and development case study


Website Development
Custom WordPress Development

The deforestation conscious NGO Fern asked my help in updating their online collaborative documents library where NGOs around the world can consult and upload reports, statements, publications, and more, regarding forestry related issues.

Having rebuilt the website from scratch, I improved the navigability of the library - turning a static archive into one that is dynamically searchable and filterable - and also made it easier for partner NGOs to upload a variety of content directly onto the website.

Custom WordPress development case study


UI Design
Website Development
Custom WordPress Development

The new visual identity, logo, and website design were made by Pitch Black Graphic Design and I took charge of the development of the website.

The dynamic currency exchange calculator and exchange activity map, both which get real-time values via an API, were two custom-built features that were a joy to design and develop.

WordPress development and UI design case study

Happy clients


A helping hand from Brussels

I simply enjoy making great things that make people happy, and my academic and work experience enabled me to work as a competent independent digital creative from my nest in Brussels.

Making creatively unique and strategically sound solutions for people and businesses fuels my drive.

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